Understanding Financial Statements Workshop

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Do you want to learn how to read and understand financial statements?


This 2-day workshop is designed to enhance the financial and planning skills of participants. It will focus on the areas of finance and business planning, examining areas related to financial statements as well as examining short-term decision-making activities. It is expected to assist participants in being more proactive in their decision making and appreciate the value of financial reports as well as gain a new sense of confidence when dealing with finance professionals. Participants will also learn how to think finance and translate various measures of performance into financial terms.


Here's What We'll Cover:


⮞ The Accounting Process

⮞ Components of the Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement and Balance Sheet

⮞ Analysis of Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements

⮞ Financial Statement Analysis, interpreting the company’s finance signals

⮞ How to determine the health of the organization – reviewing annual reports

⮞ Understanding notes of the financial statements

⮞ Working through practical exercises to ascertain how finance and accounting procedures impact business decisions

At the end, You'll be able to:

✔ Better understand financial terminologies information and implications

✔Apply basic financial concepts that remove guesswork from decision making

✔Understand the logical flow of accounting information which culminates in the preparation of financial statements Understand the nexus between the income statement and balance sheet

✔Calculate and interpret financial ratios

✔Analyze cash flow statements

✔Understand the role of working capital in the financing of the operations of business

✔Relate a department’s financial performance to the bigger organizational picture



Who will benefit?

⮞ Managers and professionals who regularly work with financial reports 

⮞ Non-financial professionals with the core principles of financial reporting

⮞ Entrepreneurs

⮞ Accountants

What Past Attendees Have Said


"The workshop has been very enlightening, particularly in the area of the financial notes. Mr. Cole was very detailed and clear in his presentation which has me looking at the financials with my third eye wide open. Thanks Mr. Cole, I could listen to you all day. Two days well spent."


"I loved how detailed the workshop was. I am now in a better position to interpret financial statements."

"The workshop was very informative. Information was shared in a simple, understandable manner this made it easy to grasp. What I have gained will be part of my daily day to day operations in accounting. This refresher course was great!"



"The workshop was enlightening and provided insight into the analysis of financial statements. It was quite appropriate and gave a different perspective."



Meet Your Facilitator


PAUL COLE has over twenty-four years of increasing responsibility within the accounting and management consulting professions, in the United Kingdom (UK) and Jamaica. Originally trained as an auditor in the UK, he subsequently enhanced his skills by training as a Management Accountant, and then as a Management Consultant in the UK.


He has strong Strategic Planning and Management Accounting skills, including Business Development, Budgeting and Project Management. Paul has moved into Management Consulting and carries out a wide range of assignments. These include Strategic Business Planning; Profit Improvement Reviews; Business Valuations and Management Audits. He is noted for good communication, planning and leadership skills.


His professional skills include facilitating at executive strategic retreats. He is a tutor in the areas of Corporate Finance, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting and Strategic Management for the Manchester Business School MBA Programme offered in Jamaica by the University of Manchester, UK.

Paul is a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA), UK as well as an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (ACMA), UK.