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Negotiation is the essential skill of the modern business pro. Whether you're buying a house, negotiating a job offer, asking for a raise, making the case for a budget increase, buying and selling property or equipment, closing a sale with a customer, or just trying to get your spouse to do the dishes, every interaction you have involves some sort of negotiation.


Now is the time for you to master the principles of negotiation! Overcome your fear and inhibitions and learn how to develop a foundation for confident exchanges and negotiations of all kinds through workshop activities, breakout sessions, real-life examples, Q&A sessions, and more.



At the end of this interactive 2-day workshopdesigned for business professionals, entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants to be a successful negotiator, you will leave knowing how to:


Develop a framework with the right mindset and confidence during interactions to come from a position of strength, in achieving desired outcomes


Demonstrate fundamental principles, strategies and tactics which can be applied to multiple situations leading to effective negotiation outcomes


Readily apply key negotiation principles such as preparation, positioning, confidence, decision-making, desired outcome


Readily identify opportunities, what gets in the way during difficult conversations, and organize their thoughts to articulate ideas based on facts, evidence and value


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