Strategic Data Analytics Workshop

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The economic recession, arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, has negatively impacted lives and livelihoods with economic contraction during 2020 and 2021. Countries are now shifting focus from survival to sustainable recovery. Success hinges on the ability of leaders to generate and utilize insights from strategic data for maximum value creation and delivery.


This three-hour workshop will demonstrate how to extract, visualize, and leverage data for long-term decision-making with the real case examples, practical tools and computer applications to get more out of your data, by focusing on strategy first. We'll show you how to harness the power of your company's data resources and give you access to incredible new strategic opportunities to identify and seize opportunities for profitably.

What to Expect


DURATION (minutes)


Spotting data signals and patterns


Recognize four main types of signals and six critical patterns

Collecting, visualizing, & analyzing data


Use Google, MS Excel, and NVivo for data retrieval and applications

Strategic forecasting and foresight


Compute statistical forecasts and develop scenarios of plausible futures

Conducting investment valuations


Supplement accounting estimates with strategic appraisals


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Participants will also receive TWO bonus takeaways:


  1. Web link to a free data mining software for big data analysis and graphics
  2. A practical guide to develop playbooks for strategic foresight and innovation

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