Regulatory Compliance - The Risk Based Approach Workshop

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Are you looking to implement a risk-based Compliance Framework?



In this workshop, engaging hands-on activities will introduce participants to key concepts relating to an effective regulatory compliance program and strategies for assessing risks in managing a regulatory compliance framework. Participants will also learn the fundamental principles of effective compliance and the blueprint for establishing an effective compliance program.


Here's What We'll Cover:

General Risk Management & Compliance

⮞ Explain the rationale for compliance and managing risk.


Influence of Risk Assessment on Policies and Procedures

⮞ Basis for a risk based approach

⮞ Risk Assessment process methodology

⮞ Organization’s risk profile


Building a Strong Compliance Culture

⮞ The Goal of Compliance Culture: Integrating Compliance throughout the Organization

⮞ “Tone at the Top” to “Compliance at the Core”

⮞ Role of the 3 lines

⮞ Developments in the Field of Compliance


Application & Case studies


At the end, You'll be able to:


✔ Explain what is meant by risk and compliance.

✔ Generate an overall risk profile for your organization and expected management framework.

✔ Tailor a comprehensive compliance program with features best suited to address your organization’s specific risk profile.

✔Examine the importance of compliance in supporting the financial, reputational, and functional aspects.

 ✔ Identify the fundamental components of a compliance program and how to remain relevant

 ✔ Analyze the key roles and governance responsibilities of the Board of Directors, risk committees of the Board, executive and senior management



Who will benefit?

 Compliance Officers

 Risk Officers

 Operations Personnel


What Past Attendees Have Said


"This was probably the best Risk-Based Approach training I've ever done. Explaining the Financial risk, Operational risk and Strategic risk was a great idea along with the case studies on it. And the last discussion about writing a Compliance Memo was a really good idea."


"The knowledge gained will be very helpful in carrying out my duties effectively. Several questions that I had about effective risk management and monitoring were answered."


"The workshop was overall informative and engaging. I was able to broaden my understanding of the risk-based approach and how to properly implement same as a Compliance Officer."



"It was very informative and used real scenarios to carry points. Appreciated the breakout sessions as it fostered learning. Ms. Munroe appears very knowledgeable and confident on the subject matter."



Meet Your Facilitator


GEORGIA MUNROE  is an experienced Risk Management and AML compliance professional. Equipped with over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, spanning research, financial analysis, risk management and compliance. Georgia likes to describe herself as a mosaic in the field of Risk Management and AML Compliance as she has been able to put together pieces of her knowledge and skills and translate such into a magnificent production. A champion in her field, she speaks the language of the Executives and Board of Directors whilst still able to engage audiences down to line staff. 


A certified anti-money laundering specialist and trained risk manager, she has played an integral role along with a team in implementing an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework and implementing an Anti-Money Laundering Solution. 


Having served on numerous teams in different capacities throughout her career, Georgia is passionate about leadership and mentoring as the success of any team or organization is correlated to its people.