Loan Securities Documentation - Workshop

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A Step-by-Step Approach to Loan Securities Documentation

In this workshop, participants will be guided through a step-by-step approach to the various components and importance of collateral documents, as well as impart skills to handle real life scenarios and mitigate risks, ensuring that the securities held are legally correct and enforceable to provide adequate protection.  It will provide practical insights into dealing with the documentation of loan securities.




Here's What the Workshop Will Cover


Reasons for Taking Security

Instruments of Charge - Taking and Releasing

Remedies under Charges

⮞ Legal & equitable rights

⮞ Remedies – mortgagee, bill of sale & others

Duties of the Institution and the Borrower

Escapes Commonly Used by Borrowers


⮞ Undue Influence

⮞ Lack of Consideration


Taking of Company Securities

⮞ Debentures - security value and protection offered

⮞ When to appoint a receiver

Realization of Security

⮞ Preparing for realization

⮞ Satisfying legal requirements

⮞ Post realization steps

At the end, You should:

checked _2_.png

✔ Have a deeper understanding of the function and purpose of taking security

✔ Be able to recognize the various types of charges

✔ Understand the advantages and disadvantages of using various securities

✔ Become more familiar with procedures for taking securities

✔ Understand the remedies under charges

✔ Recognize the various escapes used by borrowers

✔ Have a greater appreciation for the benefit of proper record keeping and custodial requirements



Who will benefit?

Staff involved in receiving, perfecting and registering loan security documents. This includes:

⮞ Lending Officers for Corporate & Personal Loans

⮞ Securities Officers

⮞ Supervisors and Managers of Securities Departments

⮞ Account Executives

⮞ Underwriters

What Past Attendees Have Said


"Informative, eye opening and interactive. I am thankful I was exposed to such great content. I enjoyed listening to Ms. Eaton."


"A very informative and good workshop - the presenter had control of the training and was able to give practical examples and explanations"


"This was a very informative workshop! I got a lot more information than I anticipated especially the legal point of view."






Meet Your Facilitator

shirley ann eaton.jpg

SHIRLEY-ANN EATON B.A., LL.B., M.B.A. ATTORNEY-AT-LAW is a University Lecturer and Attorney-at-Law with extensive experience in the financial services sector. She is a Lecturer with the Mona School of Business and Management of the University of the West Indies in subjects such as the Regulatory Framework of Banking and Finance, Ethics in Finance, Business Law and Company Law, and is reading for a Doctorate in Financial Regulation. She has conducted training in Jamaica and other Caribbean Countries on subjects such as money laundering, terrorism financing, corporate governance, financial regulation, loan documentation, pension regimes, and compliance.


During her over twenty years of career in banking, Ms. Eaton served as Executive Director of the Jamaica Bankers Association and its training subsidiary the Jamaica Institute of Bankers, as well as holding management positions in two of the island’s largest banking groups in various areas such as legal and corporate services, business process re-engineering and compliance. She was also Secretary/Legal Advisor of the Jamaica Bankers Association for fifteen years and in this capacity, represented the banking community on various committees reviewing legislation affecting the financial services sector, presenting position papers on behalf of the banking community, as well as participating in training for various financial services companies.


Ms. Eaton has served on the Boards of a number of public and private sector companies including Air Jamaica Limited, the Betting Gaming and Lotteries Commission, the National Housing Trust, and the Jamaica Lottery Company. She is a former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Metropolitan Parks and Markets Limited, and a member of the National Constitutional Reform Committee. She is a Board Director of First Global Bank and Chairman of its Audit Committee, Director/Secretary of the St. Andrew High School Foundation, and Trustee of two NCB Pension Funds.


Her hobbies and interests include weight training, jogging, karate (black belt), and politics.