Harnessing Innovation for Growth Workshop

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Leaders are continually tasked with increasing levels of innovation, employee engagement and growth within their organization. As a result, leaders must master both innovation and change management to ensure sustained company growth and performance. 


Through open dialogue, experiential simulations and group work, this workshop will help you to:

  • Get an in-depth understanding of Covid-19's current environmental impact on the organization, leaders and employees. 
  • Explore the essential leadership requirements for harnessing innovation for growth and navigating current changes
  • Obtain tools, skills and knowledge to improve leadership’s transition to and have success in the current (possibly future) environmental context

Here's What We'll Cover:

Module 1: The Environmental Context

⮞ The 4th Industrial revolution

⮞ Covid-19 –impacts on markets & industries

⮞ Impacts on organizations, leaders and followers

⮞ Shifting realities –a moving target


Module 2 – Demands on Leaders

⮞ Dimensions of leadership work

⮞ Gaining role clarity and understanding of leaders’ responsibility to organization, self & followers

⮞ Making the transition from the norm to shifting form

⮞ Practical component–my situational specifics

⮞ Bridging the gap between the analog and digital generations


Module 3 – Leading through Change & Crisis

⮞ Working through the triune brain in times of crisis

⮞ The leader as an agent of change

⮞ Applying agile leadership

⮞ Leading in the 4th Industrial revolution

⮞ Your plan of action



Who will benefit?

- Corporate executives

  • Middle Management 
  • Senior Executives

- Financial Services companies

- Legal Practitioners

- Insurance Companies

- Members of the regional business community

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July 28, 2022

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8:30AM - 4:00PM

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If you want to be an effective leader in the face of change then the "Harnessing Innovation for Growth" workshop is exactly what you want... and NOW is the best time to get started!

Meet Your Facilitator

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RICHARD SOLOMON is Principal Consultant and Managing Director of Development Consulting Center Ltd., a firm he founded in 1997 that focuses on Organizational Development and CEO of INFOSERV People Tech Solutions Limited (Nigeria) a firm that supports organization and human development through cutting-edge IT solutions.


His firm has provided training and consulting services to companies in 42 countries in all sectors.


Richard is a Change Architect and strategist, who supports organisations through skilled consultancy, training and coaching. Some areas of specialization include organisation transformation, strategic HRM, strategic planning, team building, leadership development, change management, executive coaching and Signature service strategies.