Digital Document Authentication Workshop

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The world is becoming more and more digital, but with increased digitalization comes increased risks. With more people working from home than ever before, traditional authentication methods have been turned upside down. It's now easier than ever to forge a document that looks legit—even if it isn't!


It's important to be able to identify when a document has been forged, altered, or manipulated in any way, and we have the tools and experts to help you learn how.


Digital Document Authentication Workshop will help you learn to tell the difference between authentic digital documents and forged ones by providing you with practical experiences and real-world case studies.



What You'll Learn

  • Foundation Principles of Document Examination
  • Definition of Natural Variation Vs Differences In Signatures
  • Electronic Signatures Vs Digital Signatures
  • Facing The New Digital World - Digital Transaction Management (DTM)
  • Digital Devices
  • Processing Electronic Data 
  • Digital Images e.g. Identification and Passport Photographs
  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Signatures


Leave empowered with the knowledge and confidence necessary to perform document authentication in your work.


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