Effective Prospecting & Follow-Up In The Digital Era Workshop

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Duration: Two-day, 8:30am – 4:00pm (With optional 5-day Prospecting & Follow Up Challenge)




Day One


Define the basics of Prospecting

·       Purpose of prospecting

·       What is it?

·       Why is prospecting important and how does it impact your bottom line?

·       How to fill up your pipeline so that you’re affluent with prospects.


Discover What Prospecting Is Not

·       Discover where prospecting takes place in a business cycle.

·       How prospecting is different than selling.

·       Uncover the 6 specific prospecting outcomes that effective selling depends on.


Deploy the 5 Steps of Prospecting Mastery

·       Developing the right attitude towards prospecting.

·       Designing your ideal activity level for outstanding prospecting results.

·       How to set your prospecting expectations.

·       The #1 commitment that makes prospecting easy.

·       Time management and the challenges of prospecting in the digital era.



Day Two


Define the basics of follow up

·       Purpose of following up

·       What is it?

·       Why is following up more important today than ever before?

·       What is the ultimate outcome of following up?

Discover What Follow Up Is and is Not

·       Discover when and where to use follow up skills.

·       How to increase your sales results by up to 78% in a minimum of 4 days.

·       Uncover the 6 best practices of a 21st Century Follow Up “Artist”.

·       The 10 mistakes made when following up and how to eliminate them.


Tools and Technology That Create Follow Up Fortunes

·       How using “Old School” follow up tools puts you ahead of your competition.

·       Designing your ideal activity level for outstanding prospecting results.

·       9+ follow up tools to use in this digital era.


Traits of a Follow Up Master

·       Adopting the mindset and attitudes of a master of follow up.

·       Unpacking the 10 attitudes of a follow up masterplan.


Making it Stick: Designing Your Prospecting & Follow-Up Playbook

·       Tools to enhance prospecting & follow-up effectiveness.

·       Prospecting & Follow-up training…what is needed today in the digital era.

·       How to create your own Digital Era Follow-up & Prospecting Playbook.

·       Using Accountability partners to intensify your prospecting & follow-up results.

·       Bonus: What is a Follow-Up Funnel?

·       How to create your own follow up funnel?



Target Audience:


The Prospecting & Follow Up in the Digital Era Workshop contains vital know-how needed by institutions and individuals if they want to:

·       Increase their sales conversions.

·       Create engaged prospects and customers.

·       Lessen sales anxiety and worry.

·       Provide world-class communication experiences with their prospects and customers.

·       Up-level their prospecting & follow-up strategies to meet the demands and opportunities in the current Digital Age.

·       Learn and utilize THE critical factors needed by institutions and individuals that find their sales opportunities becoming scarce or non-existent. 


It is also for the high performing sales professional that wants to dominate his or her market with these relatively unknown skills and processes. The Prospecting & Follow Up in the Digital Era Workshop is also for those organizations and individuals that are committed to educating and motivating viable potential customers.


The ability to create and increase sales opportunities without the help of advertising and marketing is the most impactful cost-saving activity you can have within your business.  This workshop remedies:

·       The concern of why prospects don’t call you back.

·       Not knowing what to do other than send a text, email of making a phone call (You’ll learn 10 different ways to confidently follow-up).

·       Feeling worried that you’re calling too much.


Learning Objectives:

·       Identify where to find prospects

·       Effectively create and work a list

·       Fill your sales pipeline consistently

·       Understand the importance of follow up

·       Avoid mistakes when following up

·       Know at least 10 effective ways to follow up

·       Create follow up results during the live workshop