Effective Debt Collection Techniques Workshop

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Participants are expected to acquire knowledge for development of the necessary skills for efficient and effective collection of outstanding amounts on customer accounts. Each participant will be able to use the information gained to improve his/her ability to handle collection situations and make appropriate responses.


Accounts Receivable clerks
Small business owners
Accounting clerks
Any other person who is responsible for
collection within organisations


- Understand the significance of credit in the business cycle
- Gain an in-depth understanding of the accounts receivable process as part of the overall credit/financial management function
- Develop, improve, sharpen their grasp of generally used collection and skip tracing techniques
- Become proficient in handling disputes and objections from current and delinquent customers
- Recognize the value of an effective and efficient credit and collections process.
- Understand the role of customer service in debt management


The workshop is designed to expand the knowledge base and skill range of collections staff and will include the following topics :

- Overview of Accounts Receivable Management
- Relationship Management, Customer Service and the Credit Process
- Assessing the Collection/Customer Situation
- Collection and Skip Tracing Techniques
- Handling Delinquent Accounts
- Handling Disputes and Objections Effectively
- Effective Portfolio Management
- Practice Activities (Eg. Role Playing)



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