Effective Corporate Governance in a Financial Institution Workshop

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About JIFS



Sound corporate governance of financial institutions is required for banking and financial oversight to function successfully.


This program is intended to provide participants with the information needed to be a successful director of a financial institution and to guarantee good strategic direction of the relevant entity.


Here's What We'll Cover:


⮞ Background of Corporate Governance

⮞ Corporate Governance Principles for Financial Institutions (including Director’s Duties under the Companies Act)

⮞ Corporate Governance and Enterprise Risk Management

⮞ Introduction to the regulatory framework and financial system safety net for Jamaica's Financial System

⮞ Salient Provisions of relevant financial laws: Bank of Jamaica Act

⮞ Financial Services Commission Act; Securities Act; Proceeds of Crime Act and Terrorism Prevention Act

At the end, You'll be able to:

✔ Understand the fundamental nature of a financial institution

✔ Appreciate the importance of the internal governance processes and the application of best practices in this regard

✔ Understand the behaviours required from well-functioning boards and the expectations and requirements of individual directors


Who will benefit?

⮞ New and aspiring Board of Directors

⮞ Senior Executives

What Past Attendees Have Said


"Presenter has a wealth of knowledge and experience and used relevant examples effectively. Excellent!!"


"Workshop was very informative, especially in the area of shareholder vs director (Including the director's duties under the company acts)"

"It was very informative, I particularly like how the presenter used both current and past examples to bring out her points"

Ensure Your Financial Institution’s Proper Strategic Guidance


Meet Your Facilitator

shirley ann eaton.jpg

SHIRLEY-ANN EATON B.A., LL.B., M.B.A. ATTORNEY-AT-LAW is a University Lecturer and Attorney-at-Law with extensive experience in the financial services sector. She is a Lecturer with the Mona School of Business and Management of the University of the West Indies in subjects such as the Regulatory Framework of Banking and Finance, Ethics in Finance, Business Law and Company Law, and is reading for a Doctorate in Financial Regulation. She has conducted training in Jamaica and other Caribbean Countries on subjects such as money laundering, terrorism financing, corporate governance, financial regulation, loan documentation, pension regimes, and compliance.


During her over twenty years of career in banking, Ms. Eaton served as Executive Director of the Jamaica Bankers Association and its training subsidiary the Jamaica Institute of Bankers, as well as holding management positions in two of the island’s largest banking groups in various areas such as legal and corporate services, business process re-engineering and compliance. She was also Secretary/Legal Advisor of the Jamaica Bankers Association for fifteen years and in this capacity, represented the banking community on various committees reviewing legislation affecting the financial services sector, presenting position papers on behalf of the banking community, as well as participating in training for various financial services companies.


Ms. Eaton has served on the Boards of a number of public and private sector companies including Air Jamaica Limited, the Betting Gaming and Lotteries Commission, the National Housing Trust, and the Jamaica Lottery Company. She is a former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Metropolitan Parks and Markets Limited, and a member of the National Constitutional Reform Committee. She is a Board Director of First Global Bank and Chairman of its Audit Committee, Director/Secretary of the St. Andrew High School Foundation, and Trustee of two NCB Pension Funds.


Her hobbies and interests include weight training, jogging, karate (black belt), and politics.