DOCUMENT EXAMINATION WORKSHOP – PART II How to Detect Fraudulent Digital Documents

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We are living in a digital era with technology being used more and more to transact business.  Despite the convenience and speed of processing that this brings, advances in technology also provides tools to capture, process, access and transmit digital documents as well as make it easier to alter documents without leaving visual clues of tampering with the document.


This one-day intense workshop which will be delivered virtually has been designed to provide participants with strategies to detect forged digital documents.  It will include practical experiences and skills through cases studies.



 The aim of the workshop is to improve understanding of the different levels of document examination.

At the end of the workshop participants are expected to be able to:

  • Recognise suspicious signs on digital documents
  • Identify various methods of digital forgery
  • Learn techniques in digital signature and document examination




  1. Foundation Principles of Document Examination


  1. Definition of Natural Variation Vs Differences In  Signatures


  1. Electronic Signatures Vs Digital Signatures


  1. Facing The New Digital World - Digital Transaction Management (DTM)


  1. Digital Devices


  1. Processing Electronic Data 


  • Digital Images  e.g. Identification and Passport Photographs


  1. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Signatures


  1. Working From Real Case Studies.



Persons who attended Document Examination Workshop I, Individuals within organisation who has responsibility to authenticate documents, Attorneys-at-law, Credit personnel, front line staff