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The past 24 months have been dominated by a rapid shift to digital including, by necessity, a shift to remote working. Things that previously were considered not possible, took root at a breakneck speed, as organizations throughout the world sought to protect their businesses and employees. The obvious question is, why did it take a crisis to rapidly accelerate the transformation of industries, including the banking sector?


What we do know, however, is that there is no going back. We are now well and truly committed to the 4th industrial revolution. Evolving customer expectations, coupled with the disruptive technologies, ESG requirements, investor, compliance and regulatory expectations, demands a seismic shift in our approach to strategy, digital transformation and governance. These forces will irrevocably transform how people live, work and bank.


Boards and CEO’s, therefore, need to act now and change how they govern. This requires the mindset and skills to both reflect and anticipate the realities of an increasingly digitalized post-pandemic world, where customer-centricity, human-centred design, ethics, the ability to harness the power of digital technologies and to serve society will become table-stakes. The world around us is changing, so too must our governance.


Join us as our speaker, Mr. Tony Moroney - Managing Partner of Beta Digital, discusses the way forward with skills and strategies to implement or improve the digital transformation required from a governance perspective to support the rapid shift happening within the sector.


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