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About JIFS


I am honoured that my bank 'De Surinaamsche Bank NV' has given me the opportunity to attend the CCP Programme. This programme is a very interesting one. I have learned very much from this programme especially when you have to deal with different kind of credit request under difficult economic conditions. For this programme I also have travelled twice to St Lucia to attend the face to face workshop which was a pleasant experience. During the course many case studies are being examined. This programme has given me more tools to fulfill my job in a better way. Further by following this international course you are in a position to share your own working experience with the others. Soeminah 'De Surinaamsche Bank NV

M. Edwards

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the program and the knowledge gained is immeasurable. I will recommend it to as many persons as possible through our H. R. Department as well as those in other banking institutions. M. Edwards

Charlotte Beaubrun

CERTIFIED CREDIT PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMMES - JIFS My experience as a participant of the Certified Credit Professional Program has been most rewarding. There is a tremendous relevance to my job as a credit professional and I am more adept for having enrolled on the course. The delivery of the program through self-study, E-Learning and Face-to-Face Workshops was highly effective. One striking benefit was the delivery mode which allowed access to the lectures via the internet at home or away. The facilitators were knowledgeable in their respective fields and were able to assist in a seamless knowledge transfer. The interactive forum gave rise to more discussion as participants from varied territories shared their knowledge and lending experiences. The duration of the course was adequate as it was easier to plan for and commit to 9 months rather than a longer period. Remaining focused during the program required a certain level of maturity and discipline because of so many variables capable of distracting or derailing one’s plans. Time management is critical as one has to juggle work, family and study. Being proactive by constantly reading the material, completing the exercises and doing research is essential. I have no hesitation in recommending this program to others who are interested in self-development and want a professional accreditation in lending. Charlotte Beaubrun ECFH/Bank of Saint Lucia Limited

Antoinette McKain

THE CHARTERED BANKER MBA As a senior officer in the financial regulatory system, and having nearly completed the Accelerated Programme of studies for the Chartered Banker MBA I can attest that the module study options offered are purposefully designed for the boards of directors and senior officers of banks and regulatory agencies to understand the drivers of bank and financial institution maximization of value in the post global crisis period. The Programme focuses on the move for convergence between financial institution risk management and targeted profitability, previously undertaken as separate strategies. You are taken through the infrastructure and requirements for sound credit and lending practices for increasingly globalizing markets, the key drivers of both bank profitability and risk. There is also emphasis on how the newer requirements of Basle III are designed to encourage banks to deal with liquidity risk, now considered as integral as capital adequacy to bank risk management. It proffers how bank management strategies can leverage these regulatory requirements to foster stakeholder confidence, through the sustainability of key funding sources, liquidity buffers and profitability in times of systemic stress. There is also the important emphasis on risk governance of financial institutions, market conduct and re-emphasis on ethics and the professional banker where laxity in these areas were characteristic of the key players in the financial system who oversaw the collapse of many financial institutions globally. Importantly, the relatively short Programme duration and remote contact logistics offers me the kind of flexibility that senior officers require to be able undertake the Programme without interference with their job performance. I have found that immediately on starting that there has been immense value added to my technical on-the-job expertise where I am able to better understand the nature of the changes in banking business to inform necessary review and consideration of the required consequential changes in banking system regulation policy. The web sessions provide an opportunity to participate in discussions and the development of solutions with counterparts from all over the world, and that is invaluable. I recommend this Programme wholeheartedly.

Henry J Hazel

I am very proud of the extraordinary experience of The Chartered Banker MBA Programme. From the onset of my 12 month sojourn in the Super Accelerated Route, the level of student support provided by the professors and the Administrative Team, was absolutely phenomenal. As a busy CEO of a rapidly expanding commercial bank, I valued the unrivaled flexibility of the programme and the direct relevance of the knowledge gained to my day to day operational engagements. My high expectations were surpassed, and now I feel really accomplished with the professional designations of Chartered Banker and MBA in Banking and Finance. With my professional experience of 16 years as a central banker and 5 years as commercial banker, the CBMBA achievement completes my credentials as a subject matter expert in banking. Henry J Hazel, CBMBA, CPA, BA General Manager/CEO Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank Antigua and Barbuda

Karen Nicholas

For 14 years I postponed pursuing an MBA because I was terrified of what I thought I would encounter; massive reading material, GROUP WORK, travelling to the Corporate area while managing a young family, projects, thesis etc. However, after being introduced to the Chartered Banker MBA, I put my fears aside and decided to take the bull by the horns. To my surprise and delight, the program was flexible and I was able to manage my own time fairly well. Some teachers gave us timelines to follow which really helped us to pace ourselves. Interestingly, we were allowed a fail grade in any one subject. Of course, I did not take up that offer. Additionally, all the classes were online real time. We could ask questions or share our opinion via typing or just by speaking over the intercom. We had the benefit of the point of view of students from all over the world sitting in the same "classroom". ALL the classes were recorded with all the teacher's and students' participation, so when it came on to revision I could review the lesson, make note of points that were not clear and contact the teacher for clarification. And if I missed the class, I would not have missed anything but the participation. I also had free access to their internet library and to certain websites where one would have had to pay to access information. Another thing I found fascinating was that the teachers were actually persons who wrote textbooks for other universities as Bangor is the number one research university in the world. So the information we were receiving was up to date and world view and, one would say, 'straight from the horse's mouth'. Of course we all know the horrors of group work, but in this course of study, it is not done because of the logistics of the students being everywhere in the world. This means I got my MBA based on my own merit without the hassle of all that group work entailed: people not pulling their weight etc. My greatest surprise was that there was no thesis at the end of the program as each subject had a mini thesis and an exam or just a thesis (for the more practical subjects like Marketing and Financial Analysis). It was a wonderful experience and sometimes I actually miss it. Karen Nicholas

Josephine St. Pierre

The Certified Credit Professional Programme has been more than an accreditation to me. It has enabled me to analyse credit application from new perspectives, turn data from customers into real information that I can use not only to help the customer and my bank, but to make better judgments when recommendations or decisions are needed. I have now become a supervisor and I still use what I have learnt from the programme every day and recommend it to my staff. Thank you JIFS. Josephine St. Pierre Eastern Caribbean Financial Holdings

Nekiesha H. Harvey

I attended The Jamaica Institute of Financial Services (JIFS) and participated in the Certified International Risk Manager program in April - November 2014. In a world of unyielding competition, the CIRM certification is essential for anyone who is serious about a career in Risk Management. This is a prestigious qualification to attain that increases your value to any organization. The course helps you understand the challenges facing today’s risk professionals which assist in supporting your needs and that of your organization whilst developing your professional career and improving your performance on the job with the added value achieved from the benefits of the program. The lecturers provided the latest analogy and best practices in risk management which was evident as they were all qualified with years of experience in the individual modules taught under CIRM. They used concepts through stories and cases that truly resonate what really happens in the real world and how to deal with uncertainty by mitigating or using risk as an opportunity. The step by step methodologies, tools and processes used helped us to have a better understanding of risk management on a global level. The program allowed me the opportunity to gain the expertise to meet the challenges of today’s difficult economy by providing with practical tools and techniques that I immediately apply to my job. I am delighted to recommend the Certified International Risk Manager (CIRM) for anyone interested in this profession or for additional knowledge. JIFS was a great facilitator for the program and have professionals assisting to ensure that the experience was beneficial to all that participated in the program. Nekiesha H. Harvey, Assistant Manager - Compliance Analyst, Jamaica National Building Society

Simone Dunbar

The JIFS Team has been supportive in researching and providing solutions to meet JMMB’s people development needs. They ensure the course content is current and cutting edge, facilitated by leaders in the relevant fields. Simone Dunbar HR Manager

Celia Lewis

My foray into the Compliance world started when I decided to switch my career path. I entered into compliance with absolutely no knowledge of compliance and with only my External Audit knowledge as my guide. Two years after developing my knowledge of compliance on the job, I was able to complement it with the formal training - Certificate in International Compliance from the ICA. This really helped me to round out the entire package of my compliance knowledge and gave me a better appreciation of my role in Compliance. There are two things that I particular liked about the ICA course: 1) it was a short and spicy 6 months of preparation and examination and 2) which is really the most important, the regulatory module focused on Jamaica’s regulations and was written by a Jamaican lawyer. This indeed made me better appreciate the course. Celia Lewis Jamaica

Janyce Robinson

FOR THE CERTIFIED CREDIT PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMME. Professionals in financial institutions do, I believe, have a special responsibility to equip themselves to meet the many challenges that we have to deal with; particularly in an environment fraught with the problems that characterize the global financial crisis in which we find ourselves. The Credit Professional Programme offered by the Jamaica Institute of Financial Service (JIFS), is a course that helped me to analyze a variety of credit proposals in order to understand how to manage problem loans and to make sound credit decisions. Most valuable for me, was the flexibility of delivery which allowed me to be able to manage my work commitments, while at the same time, take full advantage of the training provided. In fact, though in-depth in content, delivery was so skillfully done, that the time just seemed to slip away! I certainly would recommend this programme to other professionals of the financial services sector. It will help to enhance greater self confidence as well as build stronger customer relationships, benefitting not only themselves, but also the financial institution at which they are employed. I am especially pleased by the fact that this certified learning programme is recognized for educational credit towards an accelerated route to the leading international status of Chartered Banker – the premier qualification for professionals in Financial Services. The Certified Credit Professional Programme indeed has much to recommend it! Janyce Robinson General Manager, Credit & Loan Administration First Heritage Cooperative Credit Union

Vicki Alexander-Stephen

My experience as a CIRM Programme participant has been invaluable. As a Risk Management Officer at a financial institution, the course has provided me with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively identify and assess risks and to determine appropriate risk mitigation strategies. The presenters were excellent and the combination of face-to-face and e-learning workshops created an interactive and dynamic learning environment. Participants were given a forum to share their risk management experiences and to discuss current risk management issues. The course material and case studies were detailed and relevant and provided the perfect mix of theoretical and practical applications. I highly recommend the CIRM Programme to all professionals who are interested in increasing their risk management proficiency. Vicki Alexander-Stephen Grenada Co-operative Bank Ltd.