2018 Compensation and Benefits Survey

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About JIFS

The Jamaica Institute of Financial Services (JIFS), as a part of its new mandate, conducted its second Compensation and Employee Benefits and Directors’ Fee surveys for 2018. These surveys are now available for purchase at a cost of $70,000+ GCT. for further info please contact us.

The Jamaica Institute of Financial Services (JIFS) has now completed the third Compensation and Employee Benefits Survey specifically for the financial services sector.  Access to the 2018 survey is available at cost of J$70,000 plus GCT (J$81,550). 

A combined financial services sector Compensation and Employee Benefits survey facilitates greater sharing and encourages standardization among the entities; with expected benefits of improved efficiency and security of operations from a Human Resource management perspective. 

In keeping with JIFS’ mission statement and in support of JIFS’ mandate to provide research informing policy’s and practices within the financial services sector, the first survey was conducted in 2012 with planned three (3) year intervals, another in2015 and now a successfully completed 2018 installation, providing opportunities for participating companies to conduct their own trend and productivity analysis.   The survey offers a wealth of information on the compensation policies within the financial services sector for policy makers through to employees.  

The 2018 survey was conducted among 13 institutions, covering 73 positions in the following segments: Group Operations, Banking and Finance; Insurance and Call Centres. Segmenting the survey is new and was a recommendation from the 2018 survey participants and an indication of the developments within the sector.

The survey was conducted by the labour market specialist – Benthan Hussey and HR Research Analyst Francois Hussey using the social survey method.  This intensive and informative process involved the completion of standardized and structured questionnaires by participating companies via direct interviews; phone calls etc necessary to ensure the data among all participants were credible for comparison.

For more information contact JIFS Office at 876-754-5051 or info@jifsjm.org.