JIFS Certified Financial Planner Programme Accredited by the Financial Services Commission

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About JIFS

Past Students of JIFS Certified Financial Planner Programme now able to practice as licensed Financial Planners under the FSC Securities Regulation.


The Jamaica Institute of Financial Services is pleased to announce that our 9-month certificate programme, Certified Financial Planner is now officially accredited by the Financial Services Commission (FSC), and satisfies the requirements of Regulation under section 2(1)(a)(iii) of The Securities (Licensing and Registration) Regulations.


The JIFS Certified Financial Planner programme is an internationally recognized blended programme emphasizing core areas of wealth management, estate and financial planning practice and management covering 6 modules of intensive training, noted below:

  1. Financial Situation Analysis
  2. Client Relationship Skills
  3. Risk Management and Insurance needs
  4. Investment Products and Markets
  5. Legal Issues in Financial Planning
  6. Asset Values and Estate planning

JIFS Certified Financial Planning Certificate Programme is THE programme that addresses the critical training needs required by the financial services sector to keep current with the global financial climate.

In addition to being approved by our local FSC, the CFP programme is also accredited by the Chartered Banking Institute, Scotland, UK, and is endorsed by the Caribbean Association of Banks.  On the completion of the course, participants will be able to devise an accurate financial profile of clients using financial needs analysis, skills and relationship management, as well as develop an optimal financial plan aligned with client’s goals and personal risk profile.

Earning the leading international status of Chartered Banker – is easier with the CFP, as certification is recognized for educational credit toward Chartered Banker status.


The 9-month CFP programme commences in March of each year, with registrations opening as early as September prior to intake.

To celebrate the programme's achievement, JIFS is offering a 10% discount.


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