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Identity and Document Authentication Seminar (IDA) - December 5, 2018

The IDA Seminar, hosted by the Jamaica Bankers Association (JBA) and the Jamaica Institute of Financial Services (formerly the Jamaica Institute of Bankers – the training arm of the JBA) is strategically organized at the beginning of the Christmas season due to the historically high incidents of attempted fraud during this busy commercial season. Over 70 persons were upskilled to identify and prevent the use of fraudulent documents to transact business, as well as the hope for a future of using digital processes to authenticate identity and documents. Participants were exposed to the world of authenticating in a digital environment and acquired skills around authenticating United States and Jamaican Currency, Passports, Drivers License and TRN. Tip: Register early for December 2019 taking!

Visa Business News - Contactless Requirements for LAC Region effective October 13, 2018

Effective October 13, 2018, Visa introduces new contactless issuance and acceptance requirements for the Latine-American and Caribbean Region. Ms. Maribel Corrales, Senior Risk Manager, Risk Services for the Latin America and the Caribean for VISA advised of the new development at the 2018 Anti-Fraud Seminar: Fighting Fraud - Protecting the Economy, held at Terra Nova Hotel on July 24, 2018. Contactless payments will offer several benefits to both cardholders and merchants such as provide faster transactions at the point of sale, which could increase sales, as well as lower operating costs because of reduced cash handling.

New VISA contactless Requirements for the LAC Region, effective October 13, 2018

At the 2018 Anti-Fraud Seminar: Fighting Fraud-Protecting Our Economy, held at the Terra Noval Hotel on July 24, 2018, Ms. Marabel Corrales, Senior Risk Manager, Risk Services for the Latin America and the Caribbean Region for VISA, advised that effective October 13, 2018, Visa will introduce contactless issuance and acceptance requirements in the region. The benefits of this new move will include faster processing time for transactions at the POS, which could lead to increased sales and lower operating costs from reduced cash-handling.

JIFS Finance Club - Experience the Evolution - July 12, 2018

'People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing', Dale Carnegie July 12th, 2018 the Finance Club under the theme 'Experience the Evolution', was sponsored by Lexmark International, Temenos, ATL - Audi and Appliance Traders Limited, and was hosted at the ATL Audi Showroom. Patrons enjoyed entertainment from Tivoli Dance Troupe who took patrons through the various changes in Jamaican music, from Mento through to SKa and straight into Dancehall. Our patrons were taught the moves, while they dined on an exquisite food and drink menu. Interactive games got the crew moving as they all participated in the night's activities. Check out a few of the moments captured by following the link!

50% Scholarship Awardee - Christina Grant

JIFS is delighted to announce the award of a 50% Chartered Banker MBA Full Programme Scholarship to Christina Grant of CIBCFirstCaribbean International Bank as it seeks to ensure that employees of the financial services sector are globally prepared. JIFS is proud to be able to facilitate such an award within the banking and financial services sector in Jamaica which recognises the years of collaboration with international Partner Bangor University Business School, who provides this highly innovative Banking and Finance MBA.

2018 Compensation and Benefits Survey

The Jamaica Institute of Financial Services (JIFS), as a part of its new mandate, conducted its second Compensation and Employee Benefits and Directors’ Fee surveys for 2018. These surveys are now available for purchase at a cost of $70,000+ GCT. for further info please contact us.