Authenticating Documents in a Digital Age

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Authenticating Documents in a Digital Age Seminar - December 4, 2019

With the inadvertent loss or intentional destruction of originals after documents have been “preserved” electronically, it is incumbent upon every document examiner to fully comprehend and understand issues related to the authenticating digital documents as well as be able to explain these issues in their reports or in their testimony in court. 

Electronic copies of questioned documents are submitted to document examiners for analysis, comparison and evaluation more frequently.  Do you print and analyze documents? If so, the examiner has already committed a serious misstep in their analysis and evaluation.  These electronic documents are often almost always submitted without any documentation of attribution, source or origin, which should be provided for each file provided.  (In layman’s terms, think chain of custody.  Was the “original” created from one or more electronic copies of “other” documents, then printed and re-scanned to hide the obvious artifacts.)

Keynote Speaker: David Witzke is a decorated forensic digital imaging expert with over 28 years experience in the industry, he will be sharing skills on knowing when, why and how to do an on-screen comparison instead of evaluating printed documents; using compression algorithms to determine the authenticity of a document and more.

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