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About JIFS

The FX Global Code Certification programme in association with ACI Financial Markets Association (ACI) is designed to impart a thorough knowledge of the Principles of the FX Global Code with emphasis on application of high standards of integrity, conduct and professionalism as well as the monitoring and control mechanism to be introduced to protect individuals and their institutions from undue risks and resultant losses

The certification programme culminates with a 1-hour certification exam, but is preceded by the full support and exposure to the relevant topics by ACI.   The schedule is as follows:


  • September 10th - Pre-reading material distribution
  • September 24th - Webinar "The FX Global Code - What is it"
  • November 5th - FX Global Code-Good Market Practices Workshop
  • November 26th -  Pre-exam webinar "Questions and Answers"
  • December 3rd - Exam/Certification


We look forward to your registration as we continue to provide opportunities for the development of the financial services sector, through cutting edge and internationally recognized and relevant training opportunities. 


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