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About JIFS


We promote the continued growth of the financial services sector through training, social exchange and research.


We will be the prime reference point in Jamaica for professional development in banking and finance and the trusted repository of knowledge and Understanding for the wider business community on the delivery of finance practice.


The Jamaica Institute of Financial Services is committed to providing cutting-edge programmes for the continuous building of human and organizational capability in the practice of banking, investments and finance, through research and professional development of knowledgeable, ethical, proactive and customer-driven professionals.

Core Values

Excellence, Integrity, Commitment



Financial Services Training Institute

Through strategic partnerships with globally recognized institutions including the Bangor School of Business and the International Compliance Association (ICA), we offer courses that are well suited for professionals in the Jamaican and Caribbean business context.

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Research Club

Our Research Club conducts industry research, surveys, and circulates relevant research material to member organisations. We also conduct on demand research on behalf of our members.

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Finance Club

We also create opportunities for social exchange though the JIFS Finance Club, which holds quarterly social events aimed at building valuable relationships among senior executives within the industry.

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